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Health tips with saffron

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that exploits the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, to restore balance and harmony of body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty.

Aromatherapy does not replace traditional medicine but that accompanies and makes its effects are more rapid and lasting because they get to the emotional root awakening our own healing energies.

The aromas act within us by association of images, avoiding the intervention of our conscious part analyzes everything and everything translated into understandable words.


Lemon essential oil. In a 2008 study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology revealed that participants experienced increases in their levels of norepinephrine, a deficiency that has been linked to fatigue, lack of concentration and depression - when the scent of lemon essential oil was present.
     Lavender is one of the most effective ways to boost mood, relieve stress and depression herbs. Place a lavender sachet under your pillow to take advantage of this wonderful herb.
Saffron, an herb that is more expensive gram for gram gold has been used in traditional Persian medicine as a mood enhancer. Saffron is used as a medicinal tea and doing research suggests that serotonin (the feel-good transmitter) more available to the brain. 

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